Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank You Donna!!

I just got this sweet card in the mail today from Donna Hanley of the Designing Keepsakes blog.  Donna and I met in Cyberspace through our blogs and I think through Sweet N Sassy stamps!  Please check out Donna's beautiful work on her blog - she supports great causes such as OWH with her cards.  Donna thank you so much for this card and for thinking about me while I am recovering from the hip replacement surgery- it is so exciting to have one of your cards IRL!!  And Rhubarb is my favorite SNSS character!
Speaking of the hip replacement surgery which I had two weeks ago today I am glad to say that I have been doing really well.  I actually walked around the house this morning without a cane! I start PT this week so I know I 'll be back to my daily walking with my DH pretty soon!
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Harriet,I am so very glad that you liked the card. I just wanted it to make you smile for a minute or two to forget your pain. I hope it did that. It was so nice of you to post this. I'm glad to hear you will be back taking your regular walks. That's wonderful. PT isn't fun, but I know you'll breeze through it. Enjoy this week.

  2. AWWWW. Rhubarb is such a cutie, and Donna was so sweet to send him to you. YAY for you! You have been doing so cane? You'll be running a race soon! You are one wonderful, determined gal!