Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Friends for a New Year

 Kim, me, Darnell

Last year sometime I came across one of my favorite blogs to check in on - djkardkreations.  I love Darnell's card creations and I absolutely love her creative writing.  She is funny and has a way with words!! She once mentioned the weather where she lives in Northern California and I had to ask her where that was.  "Livermore", she said.  Well I live in Castro Valley which is about 19 miles away! So Darnell invited me to come to her house for a visit.  And she invited another blogger/stamper friend of hers that she hadn't met in real life yet as well - Kim Heggins (Cupcakes, Cards and Kim). 
So yesterday the three of us met at Darnell's house!  We got a tour of the awesome Playhouse - the organization in there is amazing! 
It turns out that Kim lives quite close to me as well, she has a daughter close in age to my daughter who goes to the same college, and she has friends that I used to work with when I was at the phone company many years ago!  What a small world!!
Thanks again Darnell and Kim for such a fun afternoon and I am looking forward to getting together again!
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Oh how fun, Harriet!! Sounds like an awesome day.

  2. Very cool to find new friends. They both have great blogs which I just subscribed to.

  3. Harriet, it was so much fun getting to meet people from Blogland in person. I had so much fun at lunch and look forward to getting together again, soon.

  4. That was very nice, Harriet! The meeting was awesome and the time passed so quickly. I think a lot of our online friends are envious that we had the chance to make this cool connection in real life and that we are close enough to do it often! Yippee for us!!!

  5. Always fun to actually meet someone who has been a friend "on line". Wish we got to meet more than just once a year but so glad we at least have that!!! So nice that Kim and Darnell live so close to you.