Saturday, July 18, 2015

Visual Art Journaling - Last Days

The last of my Visual Art Journaling pages:

 Emboss resist with Distress Inks.

Distress inks misted on stamp before stamping.                             The ferns were created by                                                                                                                      blending distress inks through                                                                                                                a stencil. The rain was created by
                                                                                                     using distress ink as watercolor
                                                                                                     and painting it with a stencil.

This is one of my favorite pages in the journal.  I cased one of my camper's work.  She took three stencils and layered 3 colors of distress inks which is what I did here.  You can see how these inks can be layered over each other and mot lose their color.

The background on this last page was created with the
Color Burst pigment watercolor powders.  In this example the powder was sprinkled on very lightly and then misted with lots of water.  While it was wet I used the Tim Holtz distress marker tool that when squeezed creates a mist of ink from the marker.  In this case I used that tool and squeezed the air onto the wet color burst to create the various lines (at the top left).  The campers LOVED playing with these powders.

Thanks for coming by!

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